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Guaranteed fire protection for 30 minutes

We supply and fit a fantastic choice of FD30 Fire Doors which are capable of withstanding fire and smoke for 30 minutes. When integrated in the rooms in your house that are most susceptible to fire you can rest assured that they will protect any possessions you have inside them from potential fire damage. Their installation will also provide firefighters with extra time to put out the fire and rescue anyone inside the building.

If a fire unexpectedly broke out in your home the presence of a fire door inside the property will enable you to make a swift and safe exit. Fire doors are specifically designed to slow down the spreading of fire and smoke. Hainault Home Improvements has an extensive selection of fire doors perfect for apartments and dwellings that promise immense fire integrity when you need it the most.

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4 Panel

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Twin Side

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4 Panel Sunburst

If you live in a dwelling that requires a fire door by law, it is your legal responsibility to ensure the door you install is fit for purpose.
Composite Fire Doors are crucial in the safety and protection of a building and it’s occupants.


Fully Accredited installer for the Leaseholder and Local Authority

Our Fire Doors As Standard:

  • Fully Certified to BWF Certifire No CF5324
  • 45mm GRP Solid Core 45mm Fire Slab Tested to BS 476 Part 22
  • Cold smoke tested Certifire No CF5324
  • Surface mounted closer is fitted Q-Mark accreditation
  • GU Furco Slamlock Locking mechanism
  • Reinforced PVC frame
  • Certifire approved FD30 letter plate, metal body eye viewer and glass lens
  • 3 x CE marked Union Powerload steel butt hinges 1 x 1mm Intumescent pad under each hinge
  • 7mm Pyrodur fire resistant glass tested to BS 476 Part 22

Fashionable as well as functional

Fire doors come in more coloured finishes than you would probably expect and are far from boring to look at. The FD30 Fire Door can be supplied in an eclectic assortment of understated and bold traditional and contemporary finishes to help you make a real designer statement indoors. You will also be pleased to know that they don’t require any sort of maintenance as the colour applied will last without upkeep.

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Fire doors you can furnish

A fire door will only come through a fire door assessment successfully if the hardware attached to the design also offers sufficient fire resistance. We are able to give you access to a host of stylish hardware solutions for FD30 Fire Doors (hinges, locks, latches, closers etc.) that have come through fire testing procedures with flying colours.

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