Terms & Conditions

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1. Door must be correctly treated without delay and prior to hanging. It is most important that flat top and bottom edges are completely and fully treated before the door is hung. Both faces and all four edges, and any “cut-out”
such as letter boxes require full treatment. It is vital that the “end” grain is completely protected as this is where moisture can most easily penetrate causing swelling, splitting and warping.
Mortice locks fitted at rail joint can result in removal of one or more dowels, so weakening the joint. Mortice lock cavity should be kept to minimum size and not fitted at rail joint.

2. Usually five coats of a proprietor branded polish/paint should be
satisfactory but you should treat door in accordance with the polish/paint manufacturers instructions.

3. Timber is a natural grown product, subject to changes due to variations
of humidity and temperature. We try to ensure that the timer has been prepared to make it suitable. It is obvious we cannot know all the circumstances surrounding every situation in which our products are stored
and installed. We cannot therefore give any guarantee against shrinkage, warping or splitting.

4. Regular maintenance of External Doors should be maintained to prevent breakdown of paint film and so protect the fibre from deterioration.


a) We shall not be held responsible for any incidental work of expenses arising out of, or because of, any
defect in our product, or bad workmanship, applied to our products.

b) In the event of any goods proving defective (Manufacturers defects only), which need replacement, our liability shall not exceed the price paid for the defective piecets).

c) Errors in description, quantities, quality, should be reported to us in writing within seven days of delivery.

d) It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all cables, such as alarm and telephone, are removed prior to installation. Hainault Home Improvements will not be responsible for any costs incurred regarding the
re-routing of such cables.